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Second Thought

I realize that my dissertation topic may change the purpose of this blog, which is to share ideas about teaching and learning in the English language classroom.  My dissertation is focused more on the EFL teacher instead of teaching or learning.  If you are interested in the sociocultural contexts of sojourning EFL teachers, then I will provide a link to that site as soon as I get it up and running.  I will insert the link right here once it's up.  In the meantime, I will try to write a few postings this summer based on what I have learned over the past three years at the University of Iowa.  However, my dissertation will get most of my attention.

Hiatus Ending This Summer

I plan to start actively writing here soon as I have successfully passed my comprehensive exams.  From here on I will publish fragments of my research interests, which concentrate on the population of expatriate or sojourning EFL instructors.  However, I have a strong interest in multiliteracies, so I will probably publish updates on this topic as well.  Thirdly, I may publish about the future of education and higher education in the United States and the world because I believe it will not be the same by the time my daughter graduates from high school.

I expect to post at least once this month, and more regularly through the summer.  Stay tuned!  Thanks for your patience.