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Google Hangouts for the Language Classroom

Today at the University of Iowa's Tête-à-Tête Professional Development Workshop, I facilitated an expository session about Google Hangouts for use in the foreign language classroom.  The digital handout for this workshop is provided at

I discovered Google Hangouts during my still ongoing hiatus of not teaching English language learners, so I don't have direct experience.  However, in a professional and educational context, I have become more accustomed to and confident with Google Hangouts as both a consumer and producer of this free and easily accessible internet video conferencing (IVC) program.

Google Hangouts as Consumer

I knew about Google Hangouts for about a year before I realized its full potential.  I was in the participant selection process of my dissertation project when I found Victor at is an English language teacher in Nagoya, Japan who uses Google Hangouts with other English language tea…