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A Multiliteracies Approach to Second Language Teaching and Learning

On Saturday, April 30th I presented a literature review that combines multiliteracies and second language teaching and learning for the 2011 Second Language Acquisition Graduate Student Symposium at the University of Iowa. This presentation is the more theoretical complement to the more practical presentation I gave last fall for MIDTESOL in Dubuque, IA.
Multiliteracies is my second research interest area, so it is a topic that I will not be investigating for my dissertation. However, I have a very strong interest in multiliteracies, especially in applying the multiliteracies approach (MLA) to the ESL or EFL classroom. When I get the opportunity to teach ESL and EFL again, I will try to implement this approach if applicable to the program. Also, when I get the opportunity to educate pre-service and in-service ESL or EFL instructors, I hope to create a unit or a course addressing multiliteracies.
Here is the link to the handout for the SLA Graduate Student Symposium.