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Incorporating Skeptical Thinking into the Classroom

Here is my presentation for the International TESOL Convention in New Orleans, Louisiana on March 18, 2011. Below the presentation, you will find a link to the handout I distributed. This presentation is an update to a similar one I gave at the 2009 MIDTESOL Conference in Springfield, Missouri.

Incorporating Skeptical Thinking into the Classroom on Prezi This is the link to the handout.
The 2-page handout is a PDF, so you will need Adobe Reader to view it. Click here to download the latest version of Adobe Reader.
Response to questions raised during the presentation: After the presentation, I realized that 2 points should have been made clearer: 1) the reading ability of the students, and 2) the course objectives. I have described these below and I believe this will make it easier to understand how far along the students were in terms of reading the ability to think critically.
I may have made the wrong assumption that most attendees were familiar with ACTFL's proficiency standards,…