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Leaving Russia

In a few days, I will be leaving Russia. I have accepted a teaching position in the United States, so I will not be returning to Russia as a Fellow next year. However, I plan on returning to Russia to continue my work.

Unfortunately, this blog has not been well developed. I was hoping to answer more questions on this blog, but either I was away from the Internet during my many outreach programs in the last few months or I was busy preparing for these programs and the Samara programs while I was at home.

If I can find time, I will try to address 3 more topics or concerns that were raised since March 2007: #1) Survey jigsaws, #2) Content-Based Instruction for Young Learners, and #3) Reflective Learning with emphasis on dialog journals.

I plan to continue blogging once I begin my new job. Sometime in August or September 2007, I will post one more time to redirect you to my new blog--that is, if you are at all interested.

Goodbye Russia and all the English language teachers and students…