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Adrian Holliday

In January 2015, the University of Warwick (UK) hosted a lecture by Dr. Adrian Holliday, whose work has greatly influenced my dissertation.  The lecture was recorded and can be viewed at you are interested in watching the video, I advise that you wear headphones as Dr. Holliday was not wearing a microphone.  For this blog, I briefly summarize the video, highlighting what I found most provocative.  Following that, I explain how Holliday's work has influenced my research and teaching philosophy for the past 5-10 years.

Summary of "Revisiting appropriate methodology, BANA, TESEP and 'contexts'"

The main purpose of this lecture was for Holliday to reflect upon his book Appropriate Methodology and Social Context, published 20 years ago by Cambridge University Press.  In this lecture, he integrated criticism from another professor whose research I admire, Dr. Suresh Canagajarah, w…